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  • David French Is a Piece of Shit and I Want Him Dead

    #verydarkcomedy. Penny’s support band is becoming more popular than them. So what do they do? Tarantino violence and pigs… This film explores the idea that all art has to come from pain, and takes it to the extreme.

  • The Magicians… of the Merlin Magical Society

    #documentary. Founded in 1930, this doc looks into the lives of a group of local magicians of the Merlin Society, exploring their passion for magic, showcasing some of their tricks and witnessing their magic competition.

  • The Relic

    #horror. A group of adventurers in search of a mythological object make the worst discovery you can possibly imagine. Darken your room, turn up the volume and enjoy an intense 13 minute horror ride!

  • Deadlock

    #thriller. A special forces squad capturing dead people ghosts. Mix that story with Inception and add directing duo Aqsa Altaf (now discovered by Disney) & John X. Carrey (now discovered by Apple) and you get one of the most cinematic short films on Klipist.

  • Appetite

    #comedy. Inspired by a true story, Steph is a predatory dater and always runs off when the bill comes. Think Villanelle from Killing Eve, only she doesn’t kill people, she just leaves them broke. What’s more, she gets weirder and more daring as the film goes on.

  • Behind the Mask

    #comedy. A reflection on actors being the worst and making serious vanity pieces which is exactly what this is. Unique, original, absurd and experimental without any expectations of winning a BAFTA, which oddly it didn’t – because it made us all laugh out loud!

  • The Number

    #documentary. This dark doc looks at the myths and markings of prison Numbers gangs – a secret code spelt out and spoken across the bodies of the inmates. Turn your volume up and immerse yourself in the world of South Africa’s gangs, their history, personal journeys, codes and body markings.

  • Sarah Chong Is Going to Kill Herself

    #comedy. This surreal workplace fantasy tells the story of Sarah Chong, the administrative revolutionary who is driven to the brink, and decides to take matters into her own hands. Serious shades of Tarantino with this one.

  • The Lost Weekend

    #romance. The Lost Weekend finds Charlie in a sorry state after being dumped by his childhood sweetheart, as he proceeds to awkwardly navigate the murky world of dating in the modern age.

  • Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times

    #drama. Directed by Marcus Markou, Two Strangers delicately and wonderfully moves through themes of racism, prejudice and distrust.

  • Only The Lonely

    #drama. Whilst Elspeth pines for George and grapples with her own loneliness, she struggles to embrace her ever changing surroundings and neighbours. But sometimes, just a little kindness proves to go a long way.

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