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  • Damage Control

    #comedy. The New York Times just published allegations from five women accusing a famous comedian of sexual assault. What lies ahead for his wife, children, and lawyer? This film is about the people who supported him before the shit hit the fan.

  • Artificial Dreams

    #documentary. Is it more worth it to struggle as a film director than being successful at commercial filmmaking? This doc explores the dilemma of an artist who, while very successful commercially, questions it all if the work had no meaning other than to sell products.

  • Embers

    #drama. Alice sits alone at a restaurant, waiting for her date to arrive… Doesn’t sound like an interesting synopsis, but don’t be fooled by it. Ember is an emotionally complex film, winning multiple awards for best screenplay, best performance & best first time filmmaker.

  • Lost Souls

    #drama. People that have hit rock bottom – will they find a resolution, or be consumed by it? This short-short showcases a beautiful mix of characters going through a wide range of emotions, captured by Dann Emmons’ incredible love for cinematography.


    #horror. A visceral rollercoaster in which a young woman’s illness takes a disturbing turn. Horror Fuel’s Review summarised it beautifully: It’s the type of horror that you can barely stand to watch what is happening, but you can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • Thank You So Much

    #comedy. During the UK’s Thursday evening clap for health care workers, over-virtuous neighbours are challenged by the nurse next door. Will they swallow their pride and apologise, or will they silence the upstart who’s dared to embarrass them?

  • The Corridor

    #experimental. An endless corridor of locked doors holds a man prisoner as his mind begins to disintegrate. An experimental short that reflects on struggles with mental heath, anxiety and isolation, told through the lens of a nightmarish horror short.

  • The Simplicity of Happiness

    #documentary. An incredible story about finding happiness in yourself: a young man racing to become a millionaire – achieving it and having what everyone else wanted – except happiness. And thus his journey to finding true happiness begins.

  • Viskar I Vinden

    #comedy. As a forensic investigator, you never quite know what your day might look like – but surely Matilda never imagined she would once find herself communicating with a corpse… and conducting a most unusual interview to identify the killer.

  • Cycling with Molly

    #animation. During lockdown, Sara Chia-Jewell wanted to create a fun animation about cycling. The result is a heartwarming and inventive story about Molly, who learns to ride her bike at the age of 24 and embarks on a very spacey ride!

  • The Last Reel

    #documentary. In cinemas, you can see a light coming through the little hole at the back. What exactly goes on in the room up there? This short documentary is about Projectionists and their future in cinema.

  • The Hug Deal

    #comedy. A young man in need approaches two dealers who deliver a slightly unexpected fix in this improvised comedy. And let us tell you, this fix… we would pay for it too.

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