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  • You’ll love these!

    Just starting out with Klipist? Or never really watched short films before? This is the perfect playlist to discover our short films. Sit back and enjoy a hand-picked collection with the same runtime as a movie. If you don’t love short films after this, then… hasta la vista baby!

  • Queer Stories

    A collection of the best queer short films delving into themes of identity, belonging, acceptance, letting go and simply… love.

  • Mental Health

    It’s okay that you’re not okay. Here is a collection of short films showing that feelings and emotions are valid, no matter what they are. Share your tears with them, feel understood, have your heart touched and enjoy an inspirational ending with a short documentary about happiness.

  • Funny

    A funny as hell collection of short films under 10 minutes. With crazy humour, poo, rage, vampires and dead people. This is our collection that will guarantee a good laugh.

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