A home for your short film

Klipist is the home and never-ending festival for your short film. It continues to connect you with opportunities.

Get your film seen by a wider audience

Global Reach

Reach a worldwide audience of industry professionals and film enthusiasts from 170 countries.


Use your film as your portfolio: have it accessible anytime, anywhere, on the web, app stores & any device, without ads or paywalls.


Stand out from the crowds of non-short-specific spaces by having your film curated on a dedicated platform with only the best hand-picked films.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

Join a global network of filmmaking professionals and get to meet them during events organised by Klipist or our partners.

Cost-effective Distribution

Have your film promoted, on its own or as part of a selection, online but also via cinema screenings, with no extra fee.

Why filmmakers love Klipist

Besides being honest and friendly folks, here are some other reasons.

We are the highest-ranking short film platform

This is probably how you found us! We’re the top result on Google for anyone looking to watch short films, which makes your film very discoverable.

We continuously market your film

Klipist is highly curated. We showcase your film in creative and engaging ways across all our channels, not only online but also via events and cinema screenings.

We value quality over quantity

We showcase only hand-picked films to ensure that Klipist remains a guarantee of quality, and so we can build closer relationships with our filmmakers.

We are non-exclusive and flexible

We don’t require exclusivity, so you can still use your film in any other way you wish. If you need to have your film removed, we can do so immediately.

“After going down a rabbit hole of online curation research, I really appreciate how filmmaker-friendly you guys are. You seem focused on flexibility, quality and exposure vs. $$$... and are refreshingly blunt about it! So thank you!”

Graham Marvin, writer & director of “All Through the Night”

Klipist is trusted by:

Besides being trusted by our existing filmmakers, we are proud to have formed partnerships with leading companies that support independent filmmaking.

Before you submit

Why we might not be the right platform for you:

We don't care about numbers

Because we don’t monetise your work (anyone who claims to care for a different reason is lying).

We don't care about money

Because let’s be honest, we all hate ads and paying for countless subscriptions. And we still haven’t made up our minds about NFTs.

You have to be kind and positive

Because we want Klipist to be a safe space. Being part of an uplifting community is a crucial key to success!

How does Klipist compare to other platforms?

Youtube & Vimeo

The good: Well known to the public, billions of users. Potentially lots of views. Possibility to charge viewers.

The bad: Anyone can upload a film. Easily gets lost in the masses. If topic is controversial, gets reported by users and taken down.

Other Short Film Channels

The good: Dedicated to short films with the right audience. Potentially earn some money from views. Can get lots of views.

The bad: Business models rely on having masses of films and releasing lots of new films all the time. Films just sit there in the masses. Accessibility issues (rely on subscription fees, geo-blocking, signups, or bother viewers with advertising). Often exclusivity or minimum availability needed.

Klipist Streaming Platform

The good: Super accessible (highest ranking short film streaming platform on Google, worldwide access, no subscriptions, signups or advertising). Our business model doesn't rely on having lots of films. We show only high-quality films, we believe less is more, and value quality over quantity. Film can be on all other platforms too, it's non-exclusive. Curated and continuously markets each film. Builds a community and creates opportunities for filmmakers, including cinema screenings, events, panels and interviews. Personal, uncomplicated and straightforward. We are driven by a love for indie film (not money), everyone on the team is a filmmaker.

The bad: Our dancing skills.


• We accept short films and short documentaries with up to 40-minutes runtime.

• Old films, new films, we don’t care. If you’ve made a film in the past, you can give it a new life on Klipist.

• No premiere status is needed and your film will is also be non-exclusive on Klipist. You retain full ownership.

• All languages are welcome. If the spoken language isn’t English, the film should have English subtitles.

• We require films to have all the necessary licenses, rights, consents, releases, and permissions for us to stream it.

• What we don’t look for: music videos, commercials or very abstract projects with no story.

• In you: heart, talent and dedication.

• In stories: characters that make us feel something. Stories that aren’t usually told. Stories that are underrepresented.

There is currently a promotional price of USD 19 instead of the usual USD 35. This covers the costs for all submitted films to be watched in full by several members of our team and undergo a selection process where each film is given full consideration. If your film is accepted, it also covers for cinema screening events, all marketing, hosting and organisational costs.

During the submission process you can easily and securely pay via card, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

As with other festivals, your submission fee is paid for your film to be considered. By no means does submitting your film guarantee that your film will be accepted for Klipist. If your film is not accepted, the submission fee is not refunded. Therefore please make absolutely sure you want to submit your film before doing so.

Your work will be watched in full by several members of our team and undergo a selection process. We promise that every film is given full consideration. We will get back to you within 14 days if your project has been accepted to Klipist’s Streaming Platform. There will be no further fees. All marketing, hosting, screening and organisational works are covered with your submission fee.

Unfortunately we cannot refund a submission fee once you’ve submitted your film. Please make absolutely sure you want and can submit your film before doing so.

Don’t hesitate to reach out directly to our Head of Films Craig McDonald-Kelly: craig@klipist.com

If your film is selected

If your film is accepted, we will:

  • Liase the go-live date with you, whenever works for you
  • Ask for the download link (film is hosted by us on Klipist.com)
  • Ask your socials so we can tag you everywhere

All the rest will be prepared by us. On the go-live date we will create promotions across our social media channels and tag you in all posts. We will continuously market your film thereafter. There will be no further fees. All marketing, hosting and organisational works are covered with your submission fee. Any cinema screenings and other events where your film will be shown are also without any further fees.

Submit for $19

Submit your film by clicking on the submit now button below. The submission fee is currently USD 19 instead of USD 35.

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