the premium accessible supportive appreciative

home for your short

we make your film accessible

On Klipist, there are no signups, no passwords and no subscriptions. Everything is easy to find and accessible worldwide, so your film can be watched by your friends, film fans and industry people.

we market your film

We have top marketing specialists on our team who will keep on marketing your film in creative, engaging and viral ways across all our social media, online and offline channels, push your film out there and get it seen.

we are dedicated to the best short films

We are a premium place with only high-quality content. We personally and carefully handpick and curate only the best short films. We value quality over quantity. It's all about the films. Minimalistic and on point.

"klipist is a streaming service for great short films that we carefully select, curate and actively promote."

why submit to klipist?

So many amazing short projects only get seen during a film festival run or by friends and family, and afterwards, disappear in the abyss of the online jungle. We want to change that. Klipist is the never-ending film festival for your film. Our mission is to connect you with a global audience by offering a supportive and appreciative place for your film. We make your film accessible and market it, so people can discover your work, and hopefully create future collaborations and opportunities for you.


Your film will be non-exclusive on Klipist, so you can still have, submit, and show it anywhere you wish. If you wish to have it exclusively on Klipist, we can label it as “Klipist Exclusive” and give it a premium marketing boost.

no ownership

You retain full ownership and any intellectual property rights associated with your film. You are responsible to have the necessary licenses, rights, consents, releases, and permissions for us to stream it.

flexible availability

Go-live and availability of the film is entirely flexible, and if you wish to remove a film from our platform, we will do so within 48 hours’ notice. We predict that your film will be available for at least the first year of going live.

shorts up to 40 min

We accept all short films and short documentaries with up to 40-minutes runtime.

any language

All languages and countries are welcome. If the spoken language is not English, the film will need to have English subtitles.


"I'm happy to help!"
Craig McDonald-Kelly
Head of Films
[email protected]

what we look for

Above all, we value great stories and characters that make us feel something. We also love stories that aren't usually told and underrepresented, films that intrigue, question, and make us wonder. Wonder how it was filmed, how you found such amazing actors, how you wrote such a good script, how you brilliantly edited the image and sound. Heart, talent and dedication, that's what moves us.

submit a film

£ 29

As with other festivals, your fee is paid for your film to be considered. By no means does submitting your film guarantee that your film will be accepted for Klipist. If your film is not accepted, the submission fee is not refunded. Therefore please make absolutely sure you want to submit your film before doing so.

Your work will be watched in full by several members of our team and undergo a selection process. We promise that every film is given full consideration. We will get back to you within 14 days if your project has been accepted to Klipist’s Streaming Platform.

If your film is accepted, there will be no further fees. All marketing, hosting and organisational work is covered with your submission fee.

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