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Welcome Filmmaker

Our mission is to connect you with a global audience by offering a supportive and appreciative place for your film.

Why submit to Klipist?

So many amazing short projects only get seen during a film festival run or by friends and family, and afterwards, disappear in the abyss of the online jungle. We want to change that. We provide excellent exposure for emerging filmmakers and smart accessibility to short films. We market your film and stream it to a global audience, so that people will be able to discover your work, and our industry viewers hopefully create future opportunities for you.

"Klipist is a home for high-quality content that we select, curate and actively promote."

Philip Truempi, Founder

What will Klipist do for me?

Film page

An extensive film page (including BTS, Interviews, Social Gallery, Reviews and all Cast & Crew details) will be created for you (see example). There is no sign-up needed to watch films so you can share it on any channel!

Social Gallery

We will be creating a social media collection consisting of snippets, trailers, Memes, GIFs, quotes - anything that makes sharing your film fun and engaging, and help it go viral.


We will organise interviews with you and your team that will be used to market your film and give our community a chance to get to know you.

Long-term promotion

We market your film across all our social media, online and offline channels, push your film out there and get it seen. Our marketing specialists will spend time analysing your film to find ways to optimise its online success. Over time, we evaluate engagement signals across all our channels to gain insight into what people are liking about your film and execute a long-term marketing strategy as effectively as possible.

Be found

We add technical specs to your film page and supercharge the way your film will be found with smart SEO. People researching specific equipment, searching for specific crew members in specific locations, finding filmmakers that can handle different budgets and crew, and much more; they will all land on your film page - and we will make it super easy for them to contact you to enable new opportunities and collaborations for you.

Be seen

We want your amazing film to continuously be seen by industry people, film fans and a global audience. We have an array of channels at our disposal to make people aware: our community consisting of filmmakers, producers, crew, actors and fans plus organic and paid social media, film festivals, filmmaker networks, production companies, review sites, interviews, online and offline press, direct marketing, and much more.

How do you license?


The film is non-exclusive on Klipist, so you can still have, submit, and show it anywhere you wish. If you wish to have it exclusively on Klipist, we can label it as “Klipist Exclusive” to give it that extra premium feel.

No Ownership

You retain full ownership and any intellectual property rights associated with your film. You are responsible to have the necessary licenses, rights, consents, releases, and permissions for us to stream it.

Flexible Availability

Availability of the film is entirely flexible, and if you wish to remove a film from our platform, we will do so within 48 hours’ notice. We ask for 3 months minimum and predict that your film will be available for at least the first year of going live.

What and how can I submit?

Shorts up to 40 min

We accept all short films and short documentaries with up to 40-minutes runtime.

Any Language

All languages and countries are welcome! If the spoken language is not English, the film will need to have English subtitles.

Submit below

Submit by filling out the form below. Your work will be watched in full by several members of our team and undergo a selection process. We will get back to you within 14 days if your project has been accepted.
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"Any questions? I'm happy to help!"

Craig McDonald-Kelly
Head of Films

[email protected]


No. Your work will be watched in full by several members of our team and undergo a unique Klipist selection process. We only stream high-quality projects which we consider have the most beautiful, brave and meaningful stories. Klipist is a premium platform which values quality over quantity.

We plan to have a showcase of around 50 excellent short films within the first 12 months of going live, upholding quality over quantity for our users. To keep viewers engaged we will be adding new premium content regularly but we also don’t want to overwhelm new visitors with a huge catalogue.

All videos are only playable within Klipist. We use a high-speed, high-quality video hosting service, on which projects do not appear publicly. Footage may also appear on alternate media outlets as an additional marketing strategy to market your film. Once your film has been accepted, you will receive a unique link with a password to enter a private page and fill out relevant information along with the link where we can download your film. Formats we accept are: MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI and FLV with Full HD Resolution: 1080p HD 1920 x 1080

Our data is transparent, and filmmakers are able to request viewer data for their short film/s at any time. For registered users, films can be publicly rated by fellow creatives on the platform in a supportive manner.

Submitting and using Klipist is currently completely free for all users and filmmakers.

If we accept your film, for us to be able to legally use and show your film, we will have to license it. License rights will be donated to the Klipist platform; all you will need to do is accept the Terms and Conditions while uploading your film. For further information, you can read the full T&C on:

For further questions you can contact us here: Get in touch

Submit Now

The submission window is open and currently free. Your work will be watched in full by several members of our team and undergo a selection process. We will get back to you within 14 days if your project has been accepted to Klipist’s Streaming Platform.

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