About Klipist

Klipist is a streaming service for the best short films that we carefully select, curate and support. Our mission is to get the films seen, inspire viewers and create opportunities for independent filmmakers.

By filmmakers, for filmmakers

Global reach

Our community started in London, but our films are reaching all corners of the world – we have visitors from 190 countries and are now the highest ranking short film streaming platform on Google.

From the industry

Everyone on the team is from the film industry. Unlike other platforms, we genuinely care about short films and independent filmmaking.

Helping filmmakers

100% of the profits go towards promoting the filmmakers and their films. Our primary goal is to grow their reach as much as we can.

Short film lovers

Each team member has made several short films themselves and understands the struggles and needs of filmmakers.

We want to be a home for short films and independent filmmakers

Handpicking Films

We handpick only the very best short films, championing unseen stories, unheard voices and the best creatives right across the world.

Making accessible

We make short films easy to find and accessible worldwide. No geo-blocking, no ads, no subscriptions and no signups.

Short Film Distribution

Sharing knowledge

We're also a place for filmmakers to gain inspiration from other filmmakers, learn inside secrets and share filmmaking tips.

Building Community

We are building a community for our filmmakers, organising screenings and networking events and connecting them to a global audience of short film lovers.

The team

Philip Andrew Truempi
Founder & Director

“Thousands of incredible short films get made each year. Yet before making my own ones, none of my friends had ever watched a short film before - not a single one! Why? There seems to be a stigma around short films and it frustrates me, that because of it, short films are not being seen by the general public. I want to change that perception and make watching short films exciting. Not just for industry people, but for families, friends and film lovers. To achieve this I want to build the best platform for short films out there."

Background: 5 produced shorts, acting work for 20+ short films, OSCAR® Academy Award-winning film, BAFTA-nominated series and with Golden Globe winning actors. Founder of programming studio Loxotipu.

Julie Rahier
Head of Content

"It’s never been easier to stream content, and there have never been so many providers, from dedicated film platforms to video-based social media. And yet, do you watch short films like you would stream feature films? Probably not. Because short films are a bit everywhere but really nowhere. That’s why we want to give short films the opportunity to be found and inspire. We want to create a home for high-quality content. And whether you’re a filmmaker or a film lover, we’d love you to be part of this journey with us."

Background: PR and Communications for TV groups (TV5Monde, M6 Group), SEO manager for a global theatre ticketing company, founder of a short film production association

Craig McDonald-Kelly
Head of Films

"When you see a good short film at a film festival you're like 'YES' they've nailed it and that's what we try to do on Klipist. We want to bring the best of the best for people. So we go above and beyond to select films that are beautiful, brave, and meaningful, always valuing quality over quantity."

Background: 7 written and produced shorts, 23 acting works (BBC, Channel 4, Netflix, Amazon...), founder of production company Deadline Films

Borislava Stratieva
Partnership & Events Manager

"It's one thing to tell a beautiful story in 90 minutes. But how do you do it in 15? What about 10? Or 5? The skill to create memorable short films is something that I admire. A skill that needs celebrating!"

Background: Established Bulgarian actress (Cannes Film Festival, Amazon, Sony...), events manager for a high-profile events company

Josh Moore
Creative Director

"Countless short films are being made but countless lessons never shared. We want to tap into the knowledge of our filmmakers and hope to form a creative hub of shared ideas through film."

Background: Partnerships Manager at British GQ, The Independent, Evening Standard and Hypebeast, founder of visual artist production studio Lawless Studio®

Amy Alexander
Panelist & Contributor

"We are founded on a love for films. This is what I connect most with. I love our industry, and I love independent filmmakers and people who just create because they want to use their voice or have silly ideas that make people smile. "

Background: Writer, Producer and acting work for Disney, Amazon, Starz, ITV, extensive marketing and press work for films

Our partners

We are proud to have formed great partnerships with companies that support independent filmmaking.

Short film distribution 2.0

If you are looking for a home that cares about your short film and want to connect with other filmmakers, this is the place.

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