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5 Must-Watch Short Films by Female Directors

Explore five short films directed by women: diverse narratives, rich storytelling, and fresh perspectives await in this selection celebrating the creativity and talent of women behind the camera.

7 Inspiring Underdog Stories in Short Films

Get ready to cheer for the little guy/gal, because today we’re talking about underdog stories in short films! These bite-sized movies pack a powerful punch when it comes to telling tales of triumph against all odds.

Michael Gamarano Singleton: Finding inspiration for your story

Filmmaking tip: You learn by doing. You don’t learn properly until you actually make films. Listen to “Two Sides” director Michael Gamarano Singleton talk about his filmmaking process.

6 Tips for Writing a Short Film that Delivers Big

We’ve asked 6 award-winning filmmakers for their tips to write a good short film.

Short Film to Feature: How Netflix Picked Up “I Used To Be Famous”

We’ve interviewed director Eddie Sternberg and producer Chris Pencakowski about their journey from short film to feature for Netflix’s “I Used To Be Famous”. Here are 5 takeaways.

13 Spooky & Horror Short Films To Watch This Halloween

We’ve compiled a list of 13 spooky and horror short films for you to watch this Halloween.

Marcus Markou: Knowing your ending before you start writing your script

Marcus’ writing tip: know your ending before you start! Watch Marcus Markou tell us about the making of this brilliant short film “Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times”, streaming now on Klipist.

Clare Holman & Veronique Christie: Making a villain sympathetic

Writing tip: forget about restrictions when you start writing your story! Watch Clare Holman and Veronique Christie tell us about the making of the powerful short film “Only The Lonely”, streaming now on Klipist.

Ben Hyland: Finding the cast & crew that will make your film amazing

Yes, “Quiet Carriage” was filmed in a real train, a real church… and the producer’s house re-wallpapered a few times! Watch Ben Hyland tell us about the making of this hilarious short film, streaming now on Klipist.

Craig McDonald-Kelly: Setting deadlines to make your film happen

Watch Craig McDonald-Kelly tell us about the making of supernatural buddy comedy Hangover Food, streaming now on Klipist!

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