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The best of independent short film, for free

Watch award-winning short films from around the world. Discover stories that will move you, challenge you, brighten your mood or that simply need to be heard – always told through great cinematography.

Short film recommendations

Not sure where to start? Here are some short film ideas – take a look at our highlights and curated collections!

Short Film Distribution for Independent Filmmakers

Filmmakers can submit their film to connect with our worldwide audience spanning 190 countries, reaching industry professionals and film enthusiasts alike.

Watch short films on any device

Klipist is available on all devices. Watch short films on your tablet, laptop, desktop, mobile phone or mirror it to your TV. Download the Klipist app which is available on iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS:

Frequently Asked Questions

Officially, any film that is 40 minutes or less qualifies as a short film. They are mostly around 10-15 minutes though – our shortest short film is 2 minutes and 20 seconds long (Lovers), and our longest short film is 28 minutes long (The Magicians of the Merlin Magical Society)!

Because they are typically easier and less expensive to make, short films often allow filmmakers much more freedom to tell a particular story or explore a specific skill. The purpose of short films can also be to serve as a pilot for a feature film, or to get the filmmaker discovered for bigger productions. Our short film Hangover Food is currently being adapted into a feature film!

Unfortunately, the answer is often: nothing. That’s why we’ve created a streaming platform dedicated to short films, to give a home to amazing short projects that usually only get seen during a film festival, and afterwards, disappear in the abyss of the online jungle.

Klipist is a short film streaming platform, where anyone can watch short films online for free. If you are a filmmaker, Klipist is the never-ending film festival for your film! Learn more about our mission and how we support independent filmmaking.

Yes! You can submit any film that you own, regardless of year of production or whether it is already accessible online or not. Simply fill in our submission form, and we’ll get back to you… shortly!

For viewers: zero, nada – watching is completely free. There are also no subscriptions, advertisings or signups.

For filmmakers: If you want to show your own film on Klipist, submit your film here for free. Only if your film is accepted there is a one-off fee for all the work that goes into your film.

On you will find the best short films for free. Klipist handpicks and curates only the very best short films, always valuing quality over quantity.

Yes! The Klipist app is available on mobile phones, tablets and computers, on iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS. Search “Klipist” in your app store or simply click here and you will be redirected to the available app on the device you are using.

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