Green Screen

Raindance x Klipist film competition
At Raindance and Klipist, we believe in championing stories that matter. As such, this film competition is designed to offer opportunities to filmmakers who made a film about the environment.
We are looking for:

Films about the environment

The effects of climate change, an apocalypse, protecting the environment, sustained living,  connecting with nature, and so on – we are looking for films that are connected to the theme “environment”.

Christina Papasotiriou

After 5 years of programming alternative flicks old and new at London’s Genesis Cinema, Christina Papasotiriou is now championing the best of independent film at Raindance Film Festival.

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Craig McDonald-Kelly

Craig is the Head of Films at Klipist Streaming Platform. Engaging his vast network of film industry people, he is responsible for finding the very best short films out there.

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Opportunities for filmmakers


Every filmmaker submitting a film that is connected to the environment will receive several benefits. And the winner of the competition, will receive three special prizes.

WINNER: Sponsoring next project

THE WINNER will receive all the donations from the screening & networking event to sponsor his/her next project.

WINNER: Accepted to Raindance Festival

THE WINNER will be automatically accepted and screening his/her film at the Oscar & BAFTA qualifying Raindance Film Festival in October 2022.

WINNER: Accepted to Klipist Streaming Platform

THE WINNER will be automatically accepted to the Klipist Streaming Platform and be seen by a worldwide audience.

ALL FILMMAKERS: 50% off Submissions

ALL FILMMAKERS who submit a film receive 50% off of submissions for Klipist Streaming Platform.

ALL FILMMAKERS: Discounts for Raindance

ALL FILMMAKERS who submit a film receive 50% off of submissions for the 2022 Raindance Film Festival.

ALL FILMMAKERS: Free Event for Networking

ALL FILMMAKERS will be invited to attend the screening and networking event of this competition for free.

Stories that inspire change

Raindance is proud to have supported an array of successful artists in their pursuit of creative goals. Much of this stems from the success of Raindance Film courses, available to independent artists. Such success stories include, but are not limited to: Christopher Nolan, Guy Ritchie, Andrea Arnold, Matthew Vaughn, David Yates, Gavin Hood, Tom Hooper, Edgar Wright, Sacha Baron Cohen, Julian Fellowes and Nick Hornby.
Klipist is a global streaming service for great short films that they carefully select, curate and actively promote. Any income they generate goes right back towards promoting the films. Klipist gives short films the platform they deserve, so they can be seen, and inspire around the world. 78 countries are currently watching films on Klipist.

The Contest

01 Entries Deadline

The submission window is open from March 1st to April 1st 2022. Submit Now

02 Rules

The film must somehow be connected to the theme "environment". Short films and short documentaries up to 40 minutes runtime. All languages and countries are welcome. Go To Judges

03 Screening & Networking Event

There will be a screening & networking event of all the accepted films at the XYZ Venue in London on April 24th 2022. Book Your Ticket Now

04 Prizes

Not only the winner, but all filmmakers who have made a film about the environment and submit their film, will receive benefits and prizes. Go To Prizes

Screening & Networking Event: 24th April 2022


Submit your film

Submissions are free.

We require films to have all necessary rights and releases secured to show the film at the screening event, and if the winner is interested, also at Raindance Film Festival and on Klipist.

Your work will be watched in full by our judges and undergo a selection process. We promise that every film is given full consideration. We will get back to you after April 1st if your project has been accepted to the screening event.

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