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  • The Number

    #documentary. This dark doc looks at the myths and markings of prison Numbers gangs – a secret code spelt out and spoken across the bodies of the inmates. Turn your volume up and immerse yourself in the world of South Africa’s gangs, their history, personal journeys, codes and body markings.

  • The Magicians… of the Merlin Magical Society

    #documentary. Founded in 1930, this doc looks into the lives of a group of local magicians of the Merlin Society, exploring their passion for magic, showcasing some of their tricks and witnessing their magic competition.

  • Games of Survival

    #documentary. Games of Survival: A Culture Preserved in Ice is about the largest annual celebration of Alaskan Native Heritage. Through travelling to native villages and filming their games, this film provides a look into the lives of native Alaskan Eskimos, their traditions and culture.

  • Chasing The Vein

    #documentary. This short doc is about a heroin user since the age of fifteen. Spoken in her own words, the film explores sections of her life in detail through her early years, her addiction to heroin, and how she lives now.

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