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What is Klipist

Klipist Ltd was born out of the frustration that so many amazing short projects only get seen during a film festival run or by friends and family, and afterwards, get forgotten. Klipist is a new premium OTT streaming platform dedicated to the best short films, short documentaries and short series to make these more accessible to the general public, a global audience and create opportunities for indie filmmakers.

We will go live with
20 Short Films
10 Short Documentaries
10 Web Series

Submit until November 10. Klipist will go live shortly after. The projects don’t have to be new releases – they can be as old as you (although we doubt you were already filming when you were born)!

Premium Content

Remarkable Talents
Top Quality
Great Entertainment

Why Submit To


Free marketing
for opportunities

With Klipist, you will be on a premium streaming platform and have a marketing and exposure machine working for you for free. We promote your film because we really want people to watch it! A global audience will be able to discover your work 24/7 and our community will hopefully create future opportunities for you. 

It's free and non-exclusive

Submissions and being on Klipist does not cost you anything, we will not own your project nor will it be bound to exclusivity, meaning you can still show and have it anywhere you wish!

Access to support group

Being accepted to Klipist you will be invited to join the “Klipist Network”, an online platform for all filmmakers that are on Klipist. It enables us to create a supportive community, to help each other out, ask for advice, get feedback, and to message the other filmmakers.

You have nothing to lose

If your short project is not having an exclusive premiere at some festival anymore, why not have it on a streaming platform dedicated to amazing content? Being on Klipist means you will be surrounded by talented filmmakers and a wonderful community that wants to support and inspire each other.


Do you plan to accept most submissions or will it be a more difficult set of criteria for acceptance to the database?

It will be more difficult to be accepted, we plan to only stream high-quality projects which we consider to be amazing. Klipist is a premium platform which values quality over quantity. And for projects to go live, there needs to be professional marketing material (poster, wallpaper, synopsis, and so on) and other relevant information available.

How will you make people aware of Klipist?

There are many marketing channels we will use: online and offline press, film festivals, filmmaker networks, film schools, organic and paid social media (mainly paid), review sites, interviews (yes we will have interviews with you and promote your work!), word of mouth & direct marketing to relevant people.

How will the movies be showcased, catalogued, databased, or searchable? How long will my project be available?

Certain films will be prominently showcased and promoted in the header area. There will be a “Trending Now” and “New Releases” area and also the full catalogue. For finding a project you can just use the search bar and type the name. Links will be easily shareable as there will be no signup needed for links directed to a film page. There is no time limit for your project on Klipist. If you don’t want your film on Klipist anymore, just let us know with 48 hours notice.

How many movies do you plan / aim to have in total within your first 12 months of being live?

We value quality over quantity. Only very high-quality, polished and top-notch projects will be on Klipist. For our go-live, we are looking for 20 short films, 10 documentaries and 10 short series. After 12 months we should be streaming a minimum of 40 short films, 20 documentaries and 20 short series. To keep viewers engaged we will be adding new premium content regularly but we also don’t want to overwhelm new visitors with a huge catalogue.

How will the videos be uploaded to Klipist (i.e. for videos published on Vimeo or YouTube will your platform play from those sources or specifically within your platform)? Will we have access to number of views, ratings, etc?

All videos will only be playable within Klipist. We use a high-speed, high-quality video hosting service, on which projects do not appear publicly. You will have access to the ratings (viewable on the film page), not to the number of views though. There is a possibility that we upload a selection of films to Youtube as an additional marketing strategy, but this is not planned at the moment.

How much does it cost? How will you legally stream the film?

Klipist is completely free – for submissions and for viewers. Your project will not be owned by nor be exclusive to Klipist so you can still use and show it anywhere you wish. If we accept your film, for us to be able to legally use and show your film, we will have to license it. This will happen in a later step and only after you’ve been accepted. All you will need to do then is to accept the Terms and Conditions. For further information, you can read the full T&C on:

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We will collect all submissions until November 10 and get back to you afterwards if your project has been accepted.

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