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Craig McDonald-Kelly

Actor | Writer | Producer

Craig is a Scottish born, New York trained actor currently living in London. He has been cast in TV & Film productions throughout Europe including, a series regular role on The A Word (BBC1), Man Down (Channel 4) & Traces (Alibi). Craig recently got back from Luxembourg where he shot Marionette (2020) with Thekla Reuten and is currently working in the motion capture world for a new high profile game we can’t talk about yet. Expected for 2021. Since 2017 Craig has been writing, producing and acting with Deadline Films UK, winning multiple awards throughout the UK & US markets and having a blast along the way.


A geeky and relatable comedy about things going haywire before a job interview.

Hangover Food

A hilarious dark comedy about two friends: one hungover, one desperate for a foursome.

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