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Watch the best short films anytime and anywhere. Klipist is completely free for all users.

No Adverts

Enjoy all films with no interruptions. We don't show you any advertising nor sell your data.

No Subscriptions

There are no subscriptions on Klipist. Creating an account to unlock all functions is free.

Behind the Scenes

Each film has lots of extra information for you to enjoy: interviews, social galleries, interesting facts, camera used, budget, locations and much more.

Quality over Quantity

We personally and carefully handpick and curate only the best short films, and present them in an appreciative way to our audience.

The real stuff

We give opportunities to all filmmakers; the ones that aren't being heard or don't have a platform. Here you will find unbiased, brave, diverse and unconventional films.

Watch hand-picked Short Films

Klipist is a streaming service for great short films that we carefully select, curate and actively promote. Here you will find quality, instead of quantity. We give the best short films the platform they deserve, so they can be seen, and inspire.

"We go above and beyond to select films that are beautiful, brave, and meaningful"

Philip Andrew Trümpi, Founder

"When you see a good short film you're like 'YES' they've nailed it and that's what we try to do on Klipist: to bring the best of the best for people"

Craig McDonald-Kelly, Head of Films

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